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Lytham Logs provide a local and personal delivery service throughout the Fylde Coast supplying seasoned hardwood logs, softwood logs, offcut firewood and kindling.

Browse shop or call us on 07713 119858.


Our aim is to provide high quality natural firewood products for the good people of the Fylde as an alternative to coal.


Logs are carbon neutral. As trees grow they absorb CO2 and store it as carbon, which makes up about half a trees' weight. When logs burn they release all that carbon back into the environment - just as they would if the tree was left to die and then rot.


Coal is not carbon neutral, it is dug from the ground where the carbon would have stayed, but if burnt, all the carbon in coal adds to the carbon in the atmosphere, further warming the planet via global warming.


Our logs are grown and felled in the North-West where they have a short journey to your doorstep via our delivery service incurring very few Carbon Miles. It is worth noting that much of the coal sold in the UK comes from places like Poland, not like our real wood from locally managed woodlands.


Our deliveries are free and are daily, there is no minimum charge.

Our staff have many years experience in open fires, chimineas and log burners and can help with any woodfuel queries.


The decision to market only the highest quality products was taken as we believe some may be missing out on allowing their log-burners to operate to their fullest potential.


Log burners should burn hot and with no build up of soot on the inside of the glass - if your log burner does build up soot then you may not be using suitably dry seasoned wood.


If you are using a wood burning boiler we can cut logs to any length you wish, although the lead-time for this may vary at different times of the year. email;


Please take time to browse our simple site, we value your feedback and we aim to please.



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